Creation Phenomena in The Holy Qur'an

Phenomenon Revealed in The Holy Qur'an Man-made Theories and Observations

Origin of water

Water existed before the creation of the heavens and the earth.

No theories and no observations.

How creation started

The heavens and the earth were joined together in one entity then ALLAH (SWT) forcibly Disintegrated them.

The big bang theory assumes that there was a singularity (zero volume and infinite mass). The singularity somehow exploded and produced huge clouds of gas and dust. The heavens and the earth were then formed (by themselves) from these clouds. The big bang theory assumes that there was nothing, not even an empty space before the gigantic explosion took place.

Creation period of the heavens and earth

The heavens and the earth were created in 6000 of our lunar years, which is equivalent to 5825.24 of our solar years.

The big bang theory assumes that the universe was formed in a fraction of a second, and then it started to evolve by itself over billions of years.

The sequence of creation

The inner part of the earth [the part below the solid foundations (the tectonic plates)] was created in the first two thousand lunar years of the creation. The solid foundations and the earth's resources were put onto the inner part in the next four thousand lunar years. During the last two thousand lunar years of the creation, the seven heavens were created from the smoke that resulted from the disintegration of the primary entity, and the stars were made in the lowest heaven ONLY.

The big bang theory assumes that the heaven was formed first. Then after billions of years the earth was formed by itself. Astronomers estimate the age of the universe to be about 13.5 Billion years and the age of the earth to be about 4.5-5. Billion years. The age of the universe is highly overestimated since it is based on red shift measurements which were made after the universe has already expanded for billions of years.

The earth's atmosphere

The earth's atmosphere was created (not evolved) during the last four thousand lunar years of the creation. The earth's atmosphere is unique in its characteristics and composition. NO other atmosphere in the universe is identical to the earth's atmosphere.

Man-made theories claim that the earth's atmosphere evolved after the earth was formed (this claim is not substantiated by any observations).

Why hydrogen is the dominant gas in the universe?

The water existed before the creation of the heavens and the earth started. Due to the tremendous heat that resulted from the disintegration of the primary entity, huge amounts of water transformed to its basic elements (hydrogen and oxygen).

There is no theory regarding this matter.

Bulging of the earth

The earth started its motions after the creation of all the stars in the lowest heaven (including our sun). At that time (during the last two thousand lunar years of the creation) the earth was bulged (as a result of its spinning motion). The polar diameter became shorter than the equatorial diameter.

Early in the twentieth century, the mathematicians have discovered that in order for the earth to maintain its regular spinning motion, it should be bulged at the equator. That is, the polar diameter must be shorter than the equatorial diameter. This phenomenon was confirmed in late 1959 and early 1960 by the accurate measurements obtained from the man made earth satellites.

How did water come to the earth?

During the last four thousand lunar years of the creation, ALLAH (SWT) Made the solid foundations (tectonic plates) on top of the inner part of the earth (which was created in the first two thousand lunar years of the creation). Also during this period ALLAH (SWT) Has Placed all the earth's resources (including water) within its crust. As the earth started to spin, the stresses due the spinning motion caused the earth's crust to crack at many locations. Water exited from within the earth's crust to the surface.

There is no man-made theory. Some speculate that it came from comets (huge bodies of ice and dust that moves with great speeds in outer space) which impacted on the earth.

Formation of the mountains

The earth started its motions after the creation of the heavens and the earth was completed. As a result of the spinning motion of the earth, parts of the earth's crust were compressed and pushed upward thus forming the land mountains.

The land mountains were formed due to collision of the tectonic plates (earth's solid foundations). Collision of the tectonic plates was induced when the earth started to spin. The marine mountains (under water oceanic ridges) were formed (and still forming) from the lava flowing from cracks in the oceans' floors.

Role of the mountains

Land as well as marine mountains act as pegs to strengthen the earth's crust layer.

There is no theory in this regard.

Underground water

There are huge under ground reservoirs of water within the earth's crust.

There are some conflicting theories.

Number of the earth's layers

The earth is formed from seven layers. The inner part of the earth has five layers. The top layer of the inner part is formed from semi-liquid substance (magma). On top of the inner part are the solid foundations (tectonic plates) and on top of the solid foundations is the crust. All the mountains, the oceans and the rivers are in the crust layer.

The latest theory identifies six layers of the earth. An inner core and an outer core. The Mesosphere (formed from solid dense rocks), the Asthenosphere [hot semi-liquid (magma)], the Lithosphere (tectonic plates) and the Crust.

The earth's gravity

The earth's gravity is a characteristic of its inner part (the semi-liquid layer and the layers beneath it).

There is no proven theory.

Discountinuities in the earth's layers

There is a discontinuity between the solid foundations (tectonic plates) and the layer beneath them (the semi-liquid layer). There is also another discontinuity between the crust and the solid foundations.

The discontinuity between the crust and the tectonic plates (called moho) was discovered in the 1960�s.

Orbit of the sun

The sun is moving along an orbit (a helical type).

The sun is moving along a huge orbit around the center of our galaxy (The Milky Way). The sun's year (to complete one revolution along its orbit) is estimated to be 220 million earth years.

Locations of the Stars

The stars are located and arranged in such a way to maintain the balanced dynamics of all the celestial objects as well as the structural integrity of the ceiling of the lowest heaven (the universe).

There is no theory or knowledge regarding this phenomenon.

Expansion of the universe

The lowest heaven (the universe) is continuously expanding. The expansion process is different from the creation process. The expansion of the heaven started after the creation of the heavens and the earth was completed (in the creation period of six thousand lunar years).

It was observed by astronomer Hubble from which he deduced Hubble�s law. The big bang theory does not differentiate between the creation and the expansion of the universe. It attributes the expansion to the onset of the explosion of the primordial nucleus (the singularity).

The dark matter

The bulk of the dark matter is concentrated at the outer perimeter of the universe.

This issue is still an unsolved mystery for the astronomers.

Extraterrestrial solar systems

There are many extraterrestrial solar systems.

This fact has been recently recognized by the astronomers and the astrophysicists. Recently some extraterrestrial solar systems have been observed.

Extraterrestrial planets

There are many extraterrestrial planets, but NONE is identical to the earth.

Recent observations proved the existence of extraterrestrial planets. Some have been observed.

Life in the universe

There are animals living in planets other than the earth. Also there are forms of intelligent life living in planets other than the earth. Those intelligent creatures are inferior to the humans. They do not have mind as we humans do, and they do not have the skills of the humans. These inhabited planets may be within our solar system and/or beyond (extraterrestrial planets).

The forms, the shapes and the characteristics of the extraterrestrial creatures are different from those living on the earth, since their environments are different from the earth's environment.

There are just speculations about extraterrestrial life. Some believe (without any proof or observations to support such claim) that there is more advanced intelligent extraterrestrial life. This false claim is based on the wrong information that the universe is much older than the earth and therefore there must be civilizations much older than the civilization on the earth.

Natural events on the earth

Any natural event that occurs on the earth, such as weather conditions, volcanoes, earth quakes, floods, droughts, etc., are triggered by events in the lowest heaven (the universe).

It has been observed that the appearance of spots on the sun's surface has an effect on the weather condition on the earth.

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Huge cavities in the universe

There are places in the lowest heaven (the universe) where the stars fall in.

There are regions in the universe with great gravitational force (black holes) that could attract and swallow a nearby star.

Everthing is created in pairs

Everything is created in pairs even at the sub-nuclear level (matter and anti-matter). The pairs are not only in gender. They may be in functionality, in characteristics or in behavior.

This is a partially recognized scientific fact.

Ancient Civilizations

Along the human history there have been civilizations that were more advanced and more powerful than the present civilization. One of these civilizations is the people of AD. Other more advanced civilizations existed during the period between the era of Prophet Saleh (the people of Thamood) and Prophet Ibraheem (Abraham).

There are several studies suggesting that lost continents and lost civilizations may have existed, however no solid evidence has been produced yet to substantiate such claims.